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5401 Olympic Los Angeles Filming Location

Amenities You Should Add to Your House in Opening it as a Filming Location

2 min read

More homeowners are offering their properties as filming locations. In the US especially in Los Angeles, having a house to be rented for filming has been proven to be a great way to earn additional income. is one of the properties in Los Angeles that is open for filming useand if you visit their website, you will have an idea of the amenities that you can offer to filmmakers when they use your house as a film location. But in case you want some ideas, here is a list of the great amenities you can add to your house and can be offered to the crew and staff upon filming.

1.      Internet connection.

Everybody needs the internet nowadays especially when it comes into transacting certain task requirements. While data plans are in, an internet connection at your home would be a great help for them. Give them this option to secure every work needs, especially communication needs.

2.      Ample parking space.

Parking spaces are great amenities to have in filming locations. Filming crews always have trucks and trailers which contain equipment needed in producing the movie. If you have this, then it will surely make your location stand out from the rest. They need a place that can offer this convenience.

3.      Extra rooms to rest or to serve as an office.

Extra rooms to rest or to serve as their offices while they are staying in your house are a great way to accommodate their work need. Whether it’s just a room or two, they will surely appreciate this. If they are hosting a TV series then this can be a great help to them.

4.      An entertainment area.

Everybody needs to relax sometime, and for the staff and crew, this will help them out. You can add hoops for basketball or a poker table for them to entertain themselves. Doing this wakes them up and even keep their minds alert for more ideas.


There are a lot of filming locations that can provide you with ideas on what amenities to add into it. This doesn’t only help you attract clients but also help them get their job done more conveniently.