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5401 Olympic Los Angeles Filming Location

Choosing the Right Furniture to Decorate Your Living Room

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Filming locations may not be too posh but they do need the right set of furniture for the look they want to exude. Owners are happy to provide the right type of house location scouts look for. At times, they allow their houses to be renovated, or changed in some way to fit a certain scene’s needs. Now, if you are up for such a business it is best to look for the right furniture to use.

How to Choose Furniture

The best way to help you choose the right furniture is to first consider the room’s look: the walls, the windows, and the flooring. Believe it or not, you need furniture that works best with these, especially compliment the angles of the room that makes it interesting – the focal point.

1.      Your walls.

What is the color of your walls? If you haven’t decided yet on the color then it is best to first go for lighter ones or simply white. From there you can go for the furniture that fits best the wall color especially the flooring. Any furniture can fit with white. How to incorporate it with the flooring will be the next thing you need to consider in selecting.


2.      Your flooring.

Your flooring should be considered. If you are not using carpeted floor and wish to go with the wood paneled flooring then it is best to go for furniture that fits it. Leather couches are good and a rug will add some character to it. has wood paneled flooring and ceiling with white walls. It fits leather coaches and dark wood furniture which makes it elegant and simple.

3.      Your budget.

Of course you have to work with furniture that goes with your budget. Select furniture either from stores that offer discounts or second hand ones. If not, you can always go for furniture that is shabby yet chic. There are filming locations that has these types of décor. In fact, you can also create your own from other finds.

4.      Your ornaments.


Your ornaments matter. Keep it simple. You need ornaments that compliments with the room. Most filming locations have simple ornaments included just to emphasize the room’s good features.