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How to Make Your Living Room Appear Brighter and Breezier

3 min read

Are you wondering how to make your living room appear brighter and breezier? Well, if your house is one of the many filming locations that are not noticed much, then maybe it is time for you to make a move in making sure it becomes a bit brighter and breezier. After all, movie production teams are aiming for filming locations with brighter rooms and breezier façade to make decorating more possible for them. Here are ways how you can make your home brighter and breezier in and out. 


The outdoor always catches the eye of the passersby especially if it is a location scout. If you want to make your outdoor more brighter and breezier, then you can start by cutting off a few tree branches. We are not suggesting you completely remove the tree. After all this will add to the drama of the location. Rather, cutting a few branches will let light pass through the garden and the front yard.

Add Bermuda grasses a few small potted plants to add to that texture you need that would make the natural light jump beautifully. Make sure your house’s walls are also colored in a way that would complement the greens and feel warm and cozy when hit by the sun rays.


The indoor is one of the most challenging areas to make look brighter and breezier. To start, clean the windows and paint the walls with lighter colors like white or cream. While you can pain the window’s framing with one that’s a bit darker, using white can even help brighten the area.

Add a few light colored furnishing to the house; however remember to keep it minimal to make it breezier rather than suffocating.

Use white curtains instead of blinds to make the room even breezier to the feel. These should be airy.

If the room can’t seem to have a lighter and brighter feel, then may be its time to make a few renovations. You can add a skylight or have the windows look bigger to let in more light.

These are just some of the few tips we can give to making your house one of the brighter and breezier filming locations around. One of the best examples you can check out too is Visit this site to see how they made their rooms breezy and bright even with some dark wood finishes.