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Ways to Maintain Your Library Filming Location

2 min read

Do you have a library in your house? Do you know that libraries can also be great filming locations?

There are some films which show libraries as a common ground to find clues, mysterious assignments and even romance. is one place which has its own library and even offers it as a filming location. If you have a library or you want to put up one, here are ways how to maintain it especially if you are to offer it as a filming location. Remember that libraries may be harder to maintain but are worth offering for filming movies or even other photo-shoots.

1.       Have a regular day to dust books.

Have a regular day to dust your books, especially hard bound ones. This will keep termites and other pests from ruining it. Dust and grime can invite these pests to eat their way to your book’s pages. The most appealing part of any library is not just the room itself but the books.

2.       Wax or apply wood cleaning solution to shelves.

Wood cleaning solutions or wax will help minimize the wood from corroding and even keep it glossy. It will also minimize dust accumulation and keep it clean for a long time. Filming locations that are kept simple with furniture mostly use wood. This is the best way to maintain it especially since it takes dust away with one sweeping. The best thing is, using these cleaning agents will keep dust from spreading.

3.       Spray insecticide once in a while.

Insecticides are used to keep termites away. Let’s admit that they can be the peskiest pests you will ever meet especially in your library. You don’t want them to eat your book pages or at least your shelves. This will make the room look awful instead of presentable.

4.       Open books from time to time.

Books need to be opened from time to time. This will keep the pages from eroding or at least keep pages from getting stuck together. It will limit destruction and will keep them looking presentable.


Filming locations are not only limited to living rooms, kitchens, and even gardens. Your library can be a very good for such use too.