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5401Olympic is a house-ready for filming that offers complete and amazing amenities that every scouters or location managers are looking for. It showcases a 1920's large Spanish Style property with strong character. It is conveniently located at 5401 W. Olympic Blvd. Los Angeles, California where you can shoot any kind of movies. In addition, it is also available for wedding venue and photo shoot venue.

5401 Olympic Los Angeles Filming Location

Ways to Maintain Your Library Filming Location

2 min read

Do you have a library in your house? Do you know that libraries can also be great filming locations?

There are some films which show libraries as a common ground to find clues, mysterious assignments and even romance. is one place which has its own library and even offers it as a filming location. If you have a library or you want to put up one, here are ways how to maintain it especially if you are to offer it as a filming location. Remember that libraries may be harder to maintain but are worth offering for filming movies or even other photo-shoots.

1.       Have a regular day to dust books.

Have a regular day to dust your books, especially hard bound ones. This will keep termites and other pests from ruining it. Dust and grime can invite these pests to eat their way to your book’s pages. The most appealing part of any library is not just the room itself but the books.

2.       Wax or apply wood cleaning solution to shelves.

Wood cleaning solutions or wax will help minimize the wood from corroding and even keep it glossy. It will also minimize dust accumulation and keep it clean for a long time. Filming locations that are kept simple with furniture mostly use wood. This is the best way to maintain it especially since it takes dust away with one sweeping. The best thing is, using these cleaning agents will keep dust from spreading.

3.       Spray insecticide once in a while.

Insecticides are used to keep termites away. Let’s admit that they can be the peskiest pests you will ever meet especially in your library. You don’t want them to eat your book pages or at least your shelves. This will make the room look awful instead of presentable.

4.       Open books from time to time.

Books need to be opened from time to time. This will keep the pages from eroding or at least keep pages from getting stuck together. It will limit destruction and will keep them looking presentable.


Filming locations are not only limited to living rooms, kitchens, and even gardens. Your library can be a very good for such use too. 

5401 Olympic Los Angeles Filming Location

How to Make Your Living Room Appear Brighter and Breezier

3 min read

Are you wondering how to make your living room appear brighter and breezier? Well, if your house is one of the many filming locations that are not noticed much, then maybe it is time for you to make a move in making sure it becomes a bit brighter and breezier. After all, movie production teams are aiming for filming locations with brighter rooms and breezier façade to make decorating more possible for them. Here are ways how you can make your home brighter and breezier in and out. 


The outdoor always catches the eye of the passersby especially if it is a location scout. If you want to make your outdoor more brighter and breezier, then you can start by cutting off a few tree branches. We are not suggesting you completely remove the tree. After all this will add to the drama of the location. Rather, cutting a few branches will let light pass through the garden and the front yard.

Add Bermuda grasses a few small potted plants to add to that texture you need that would make the natural light jump beautifully. Make sure your house’s walls are also colored in a way that would complement the greens and feel warm and cozy when hit by the sun rays.


The indoor is one of the most challenging areas to make look brighter and breezier. To start, clean the windows and paint the walls with lighter colors like white or cream. While you can pain the window’s framing with one that’s a bit darker, using white can even help brighten the area.

Add a few light colored furnishing to the house; however remember to keep it minimal to make it breezier rather than suffocating.

Use white curtains instead of blinds to make the room even breezier to the feel. These should be airy.

If the room can’t seem to have a lighter and brighter feel, then may be its time to make a few renovations. You can add a skylight or have the windows look bigger to let in more light.

These are just some of the few tips we can give to making your house one of the brighter and breezier filming locations around. One of the best examples you can check out too is Visit this site to see how they made their rooms breezy and bright even with some dark wood finishes. 

5401 Olympic Los Angeles Filming Location

Choosing the Right Furniture to Decorate Your Living Room

2 min read

Filming locations may not be too posh but they do need the right set of furniture for the look they want to exude. Owners are happy to provide the right type of house location scouts look for. At times, they allow their houses to be renovated, or changed in some way to fit a certain scene’s needs. Now, if you are up for such a business it is best to look for the right furniture to use.

How to Choose Furniture

The best way to help you choose the right furniture is to first consider the room’s look: the walls, the windows, and the flooring. Believe it or not, you need furniture that works best with these, especially compliment the angles of the room that makes it interesting – the focal point.

1.      Your walls.

What is the color of your walls? If you haven’t decided yet on the color then it is best to first go for lighter ones or simply white. From there you can go for the furniture that fits best the wall color especially the flooring. Any furniture can fit with white. How to incorporate it with the flooring will be the next thing you need to consider in selecting.


2.      Your flooring.

Your flooring should be considered. If you are not using carpeted floor and wish to go with the wood paneled flooring then it is best to go for furniture that fits it. Leather couches are good and a rug will add some character to it. has wood paneled flooring and ceiling with white walls. It fits leather coaches and dark wood furniture which makes it elegant and simple.

3.      Your budget.

Of course you have to work with furniture that goes with your budget. Select furniture either from stores that offer discounts or second hand ones. If not, you can always go for furniture that is shabby yet chic. There are filming locations that has these types of décor. In fact, you can also create your own from other finds.

4.      Your ornaments.


Your ornaments matter. Keep it simple. You need ornaments that compliments with the room. Most filming locations have simple ornaments included just to emphasize the room’s good features.

5401 Olympic Los Angeles Filming Location

Amenities You Should Add to Your House in Opening it as a Filming Location

2 min read

More homeowners are offering their properties as filming locations. In the US especially in Los Angeles, having a house to be rented for filming has been proven to be a great way to earn additional income. is one of the properties in Los Angeles that is open for filming useand if you visit their website, you will have an idea of the amenities that you can offer to filmmakers when they use your house as a film location. But in case you want some ideas, here is a list of the great amenities you can add to your house and can be offered to the crew and staff upon filming.

1.      Internet connection.

Everybody needs the internet nowadays especially when it comes into transacting certain task requirements. While data plans are in, an internet connection at your home would be a great help for them. Give them this option to secure every work needs, especially communication needs.

2.      Ample parking space.

Parking spaces are great amenities to have in filming locations. Filming crews always have trucks and trailers which contain equipment needed in producing the movie. If you have this, then it will surely make your location stand out from the rest. They need a place that can offer this convenience.

3.      Extra rooms to rest or to serve as an office.

Extra rooms to rest or to serve as their offices while they are staying in your house are a great way to accommodate their work need. Whether it’s just a room or two, they will surely appreciate this. If they are hosting a TV series then this can be a great help to them.

4.      An entertainment area.

Everybody needs to relax sometime, and for the staff and crew, this will help them out. You can add hoops for basketball or a poker table for them to entertain themselves. Doing this wakes them up and even keep their minds alert for more ideas.


There are a lot of filming locations that can provide you with ideas on what amenities to add into it. This doesn’t only help you attract clients but also help them get their job done more conveniently.